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 There are many Guardians, but there can only be one Guardian of the Realm, the leader who will lead their combined strength to victory. Bring the greatest resources to the Council and save the most villagers and you will be named the Guardian of the Realm.


Gather weapons and shields, unearth ancient artifacts, and use magical spells to reinforce your defenses. Avoid the curses that will trick the unwary in these dark times. 

The clans offer aid to each other, but only the leader of the most prepared clan will be named Guardian of the Realm.

Each round, replenish your hand to 6. You can draw from the common face-up pool, or unseen from the deck.

Now you must make an offer of resources to another player, by choosing 1 or more cards that are all the same.

You may tell the truth about what type of card they are, or you may bluff. You must not lie about the number of cards though.

The recipient must decide if you are truthful or bluffing.

When you lose an offer, the Council takes pity on you and bestows to you a coin. You can also win coins by acquiring cards that match your affinity bonus. This can be from an offer you receive or that you make!

If you have enough coins, you can buy resources directly into your tableau for 3 coins.

Or you can spend 5 coins to dispel a curse from the open market and score 5 points.

As you add supplies to your tableau from successful offers, each scores differently. See the breakdown below. How will you choose to pursue victory?

The Council convenes near the midpoint of the game, and scoring takes place with quests and the Castle track. Then finally War is at hand when its card is drawn, triggering the last round of the game. 

The dragon and orcs have arrived at the city gates. Who will lead the Guardians into battle?!?

Watch a playthrough with Man vs Meeple! 

Check out the full rules of the game in the draft version of the Guardian's Call rulebook.


See the cards up close in all their fabulous detail in the downloadable card sampler.





Pick your favorite Guardian and make them your avatar online! 











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Read Derek's review





We pre-pack Guardian's Call in a robust mailer box at the factory, and use quality fulfillment companies in each region to keep shipping costs as low as possible! We are subsidizing shipping in the core pledge tier, and backers in some regions will need to pay additional fees as follows:

  • Australia/Canada/European Union + $10 USD
  • Rest of the World + $20 USD


We love the journey and what you as a backer bring to a project. Your feedback shapes the project and makes it better than it would have been without it.  

With the support of stretch goal funding, we are able to make a game that has additional content like more Quests, miniatures, and art! We have some big plans for stretch goals that we would most definitely not be able to pull off without support and pre-funding.  

Early access - Backers will be the first to get their games! It will not be in retail until backer copies have been delivered. (This statement excludes conventions. If we are able to air freight copies for promotional purposes, we will do so.)  

Still want to wait for retail? That's okay too! Please support your FLGS (friendly local gaming store)! We love our retail partners! They are the backbone of this industry! 



Available Rewards:

$39USD + Shipping

Guardian's Call

~Guardian's Call~ ($39 USD)

1 copy of Guardian's Call including all stretch goals and the Kickstarter Exclusive miniature!


  • USA: Free
  • EU/Australia/Canada: +$10 (Customs & Duty Free)
  • Everywhere Else: +$20
$150USD + Shipping

Retailer Pledge - Brick & Mortar stores

~Guardian's Call~ ($150 USD) ~ Tax ID and business info will be required for verification.

6 copies of Guardian's Call including all stretch goals and the Kickstarter Exclusive miniature!


  • USA: Free
  • EU/Australia/Canada: +$10 (Customs & Duty Free)
  • Everywhere Else: +$20

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